19248078_675804099287619_4697960962970230830_n“Chitta Chanchala” means a fickle mind. Chitta is nothing but ‘mind’. Whereas Chanchala means ‘fickle. ‘The word fickle is defined as unstable, unsteady, variable inconstant; likely to change frequently often without apparent or cogent reason.

Our movie revolves around various characters with unstable mind. Their thought process works in such a way that it’s difficult to understand their plan of action. Among all of these characters finding the most fickle mind is the real challenge. Let us give you a small gist of our story.

Ours is a suspense thriller movie. You get to witness family drama, romance, fights, crime, suspense, comedy etc. The story belongs to a village by name “Amasebail”. Pavan who’s a lead character in our movie comes from an affluent Gowda family. His dad is the most influential person in their village. Entire village bids utmost respect to them. His dad is a straightforward and a man with good nature. On the other hand Pavan is notorious and playful. A lot of villagers have negative opinion of him. He will be roaming with his friend Ghante for whole day. He falls in love with Jyothi; daughter of Sheena and one of the domestic servants of Pavan’s house.

Though they face lot of opposition from both the families their love continues to grow. Like fate would want it series of murders take place in the village. In these tragic events Pavan, his dad and Jyothi too fall victims. Inspector Pradeep starts to investigate the issue. Down with luck he finds zero clues which could help him further investigate the matter. Entire village thinks it to be an act of ghost or like they call ‘Gramada Bhootha’.

During this period Pradeep gets transferred to another city. After couple of months to his horror he accidentally meets a look alike of Pavan. He Tries to go into the depth of this matter and faces many odds. The real challenge ahead of him is to find the identity of Pavan’s replica and also whether the deaths were an accident, a murder, or an act of ghost. Will Pradeep be able to solve the mystery or give up?

You have to watch our movie to find answers to these questions. We bet you that each moment will be a nail biting one. Don’t blame us if your mind gets fickled after watching our movie. One thing we can assure is of that our movie will definitely not get you bored or disappointed. Drop in your comments once you watch our movie.



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