FB_IMG_1497341546998For any entrepreneur his/her first project will be the most important one. So like anybody else even for us our maiden project was the most important one. “CHITTACHANCHALA” is our first movie. It means a ‘Fickle Mind’. When Director Yku Sundar Yettinatti contacted us with the story we were both happy as well as skeptical about it. The main reason was because it was his debut movie too. So in short it would be a new team with zero experience; But as we were impressed with the story plus he was one among our friends and so we couldn’t say no to him. Movie making involves the efforts of too many people. It can never be a one man show. Next tough task ahead of us was to getting the right guys on board. Finding the Producer who would be interested in your movie is the most important part; because it’s not necessary that the story that you have liked can impress someone else too.

We started with the hunt of finding a producer. To our surprise or can say by God’s grace one of our team members’ brother was so impressed by the story that he agreed to produce our movie. This was the moment when we left a sigh of relief. As the budget was bit too heavy on his pockets we had to pitch in 2 co- producers. When you have a good bunch of friends there is very little left to worry about. 2 among our friends readily agreed to be a part of our team. So we had Karunakar as Producer, Sharath Kumar Kadri and Raghavendra Nayak Yettinatti as Co- Producers. Next thing was to finalizing the technicians. That work was done by our Director. Music was composed by our dear and a very talented friend Rajesh Raaj. Famous singer Hemanth has sung one of our movie songs. Cinematography was done by Kumar Chakravarty. Posters were designed by Shrikanth Patil.

For any movie to be successful along with the Director and technicians the lead and supporting roles for the movie are very important; because they will be enacting the story on screen. If they are able to justify the imagination of the Director by enacting the right emotions then there is nothing more important than that. Karunakar is Divam Kunder’s brother. Starting a Production House was Divam’s idea; but not even in his wildest dreams he had dreamt that someday he might be the lead role for our first project. When the producers and co- producers referred Divam for lead role our Director asked him to come for the audition and was impressed by his looks and acting skills. So he was finalized then and there. Initially convincing Divam was a little tough task as he was one of the most successful bankers at Karnataka Bank. But like fate would ask for he agreed for the offer. We had set up auditions at couple of locations and Pratika Saroy and Dhruthi Sai were chosen as the lead roles for the movie. Yku himself wanted to play the role of the comedian and he auditioned our producer Karunakar for the police role as he was very impressed by his appearance. We wanted some senior artists too in the movie who can guide us with our work. So we contacted Prakash Heggodu, Chitra Shenoy and Prabhakar Kunder. They were more than happy to be a part of the team after hearing our story. Other supporting roles were hired through various other sources but each one had to go through the screening.

When you decide to shoot your movie once the cast and crew is finalized next most important thing is location. This takes a good amount of time as if you choose best location for your movie it will enhance your story and also the picturization of the movie gets easier. After couple of location visits we shortlisted the places in and around Mangalore, Udupi, Kundapur, Mysore, Bangalore etc.

The final task was to fixing the shooting date and time. After contacting each one from the newly formed team we finalized the dates which was feasible to everyone. We asked each one from the casting team to brush up their acting skills and to be prepared for the shooting. Each one was very excited as well as a bit worried as it was a new experience to all. Till the whole team is comfortable with each other there will be some sort of chaos among the team members. As a production house we were confident about our choices. As it was our first project we wanted to give our best shot. So with lot of hopes and passion we were looking forward to the shooting days.


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