Starting a new venture is not an easy task especially when you are young but with zero experience of the respective field that you have chosen. Your mind will be juggling between lot of if’s and buts’. On top of that you will get to face couple of people who just have the business of bringing your motivation to ground level. A firm mind and determination is the most important factor while starting up anything. It might be a petty thing like preparing a tea for you or like getting into business. Even before you keep your complete idea in front of someone they pass out a statement ‘damn dude this is very risky. You are very well settled in your job. You get good monthly salary with so many perks and zero tension. Why do you want to get into business and increase your BP? What if you get into losses? How will you manage your daily expenses? etc etc’. If it’s a girl they will ask ‘why don’t you simply get married instead of all of this drama? Find a rich guy and get settled. Business and all is not your forte. Simply don’t take tension and lose your mind. Instead lose some weight bla bla’. Though we are in the 21st century society will never let us do what we want to. Instead they will try to put their ideas on our mind and expect us to act accordingly. If you don’t then you are unfit as you don’t match up to their standards.

So guys even our story is no different to this above drama. Even we had to face the same trauma like some of you may have had faced at the time of deciding to be an entrepreneur. Trust me it’s one hell of a time. There will be a breaking point when your mind will be completely crushed with so many inputs by others and you will be at the verge of giving up and then from nowhere you get that positive vibe and you ignore the bullshits and keep a first step towards your longtime dream. Take One Production is our brain child whom we have bought into existence after a lot of thought process and long time discussion. We want to nurture it in a way that it achieves great heights. The reason to get into this field is because as a human anything that glitters makes you interested in it. So this is a glittering world. So we wanted to frame our own dream in it and show the sparkle of it to others. Everyone wants to make money. So do we; But more than that we wanted the young minds to join hands with us in giving a more creative touch to the art that lies within each one of us. Also we wanted to give our small contribution to the society by helping the young talents to get into this industry.

We are based in Bangalore. We completed our last project recently and got a good response from the masses. We will put up a different post for it. Starting the Production House is not an easy task. You have to follow couple of rules and regulations like any other business, get yourself registered at the Film Chamber, look for some young and talented bunch of guys etc. The idea of starting up a production house is not sudden or of one person. There are several minds behind it and also there are long hours of discussions; lot of agreements and couple of disagreements. When you are very much determined to do something nothing in the universe can stop you except for yourself. We were a bunch of guys supporting each other and lifting each other’s morale when needed.

Tough task among all was to name our child; because that was going to be there with us forever and we would be identified by it in future. After contacting our friends, families, online tools and various other platforms finally we settled down with “TAKE ONE PRODUCTION”. The very reason to choose this name is because in any field number “ONE” is superior. If you are “FIRST” in anything you will always be remembered and we wanted to be at the top. Apart from that the sound of the name was good. We could feel when we called out the name. There was an emotion. Moreover this is the only name which we unanimously agreed for. So without any second thoughts we finalized this and got ourselves registered. Another difficult task was to design the logo and this was eased out by our dear friend Srikanth Patil. He beautifully designed the logo for our Production House. You can find it below.

FB-logoThe feeling when you have taken the first step towards your goal is something we can’t explain in words. We had never felt the way we did when we got ourselves registered at the chamber. There was lot of fear but our confidence just suppressed everything. We knew that this was just the beginning; the real battle will begin from now on and we were completely prepared for it. We were open for any sort of challenges that came our way.

It’s been several months that we have come into existence and we are happy with majority of the things that have taken place over these months. There are couple of undeniable facts too. But it’s a part of the game. There is lots to learn and at the same time lots to achieve. Like Napoleon Hill rightly said “Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve.” we too are firm that our mind will lead us to the spot where we want to be. The path is very difficult but our will is tougher than the odds. We are confident that sooner or later we will definitely make a mark in the industry as well as in the society.


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